Welcome to Real Life Productions! Dr. Solomon birth this production company in 2009 with her award winning production, The Double Twisted Life of Rev. Lee and First Lady Lee. This ongoing production has traveled from city to city impacted so many people that can identify with the story of this powerful stage play. Year 2020 has just began and we are launching more productions, movies and creative performances this year. Our auditioning dorrs are always open, please fill out our form and contact us if you are interested in being apart of any of our productions.

Our producer and writer, Dr. Solomon has a passion to bring professional performances across the nation. This year we will be traveling to Jamaica with our production. Since a young girl, Dr. Solomon knew that God has something greater planned for her life. Real Life Productions has received numerous awards from across the world. Dr. Solomon’s passionate work continues to open more avenues for upcoming movies and a international syndicated talk show.


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